Friday, May 04, 2007


The wedding is over, and gosh darn it, so am I. Remember this project?

It is a little less than half of the Clementine Shawlette from the Spring '07 Interweave Knits that I was planning to wear before/at/after the wedding. As that obviously did not pan out, I've given it some thought and realized that I hate this pattern and do not wish to knit another stitch of it. There's nothing technically wrong with the pattern, it's just not something I'd generally knit and, without the special occasion looming ahead of me, I have no desire to knit on it anymore, not even for the thrill of a FO. So, it will be coming off the In Progress list and sit in limbo while I contemplate its fate: reclaim the yarn or try to palm off a little less than half a shawl on someone who wants a head-start (it's hard for me to give up on all that work....).

How to distract you from my project failure? Let's see, let's see... Hey look! A chicken!

This chicken actually did cross the road ahead of us, though his purpose was unclear. Oh darn, now how do I distract you from the bad "why did the chicken cross the road" reference? Hey look! Yarn!

This crummy picture represents my haul from Artfibers in San Francisco. Kyoto is a silk/mohair/wool blend that has great variation and reflection within the strand and is just as soft and lovely as one could hope. This also represents my most expensive yarn purchase ever. So expensive that I have cancelled all yarn purchases for the rest of the year, including souvenir and sock yarns. It's Summer o' Stash all over again, but this yarn is totally worth it.

Now, how do I distract you from my hypocritical extravagance (here's me: "Who would pay $XXX.XX for the yarn for one sweater?" Apparently me.)? Hey look! Pizza!

Have I ever mentioned that HusBoy cooks? Cooks awesome, delicious, and mostly healthy things like homemade pizza?

Well, he does! This is Tomato, Basil and Garlic on a white crust.

This is my pizza, a Spinach, Bell Pepper, and Onion on wheat crust with just enough cheese to make it stick together. He also made Israeli Salad, but we already finished that off.

Now, how do I distract you from the fact that, due to the fact that there are two pizzas here for two people, you're this close to realizing that I'm having pizza for breakfast? Hey look! Isn't that a sleeve?

I tried to start Jolie while I was still on vacation, but the Totem yarn from Knitpicks (no link, they don't have it and I don't want to lead you astray) has too much of it's own texture to let the subtle pattern come through. This texture, so detrimental to Jolie, is perfect for the $1.50 Cardigan featured in the same IK as the shawl, shamefully seen above. I am loving the pattern so far, but I am considering going down a needle size; my gauge is a little shaky and I may not have all the yarn I need to finish this bad girl up.

I'm all out of distractions for now. Go knit.

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trek said...

I bought enough yarn from KP to make an off white sweater (Rogue prolly) and I think it is Totem. Now, if I would just pull out the needles and swatch...