Saturday, May 12, 2007

Cross-Country Jaywalking

I have a finished Jaywalker, and it only took me six planes and over 4,000 miles!

I finished the toe as we were touching down at LAX after my district conference in Tampa, Florida. I'd love to show you some pictures of the sights and wonders of Florida, but we did not leave the airport the entire three days I was there. Honestly, the hotel was actually in the airport. Cripes.

And yes, the second sock is already on the needles. I wonder where I'll be shipped off to in order to get this one done...

It's not all bad; at least Stinker missed me. Can you tell which book she's reaching for?


Jen said...

You came to Tampa and didn't tell me? I could have at least shown you the beach!

Heatherly said...

it is much better to be a jaywalking bride than a runaway bride! :-)