Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Love & Pictures

The ducks are coupling up, it must be the season of luv...

...and in commemoration of this love, I hereby present the first wedding photo ever on the blog. Ladies and Gentleknitters, I give you The Money Shot:

Well, money shot of the chuppah anyway. I cannot tell you how pleased it made me to answer "I made it" when people asked where I picked up the chuppah. I picked up the poles at Pier 1 for $3 each. Add a little ribbon and viola, instant impressed inlaws. Adam's little brother (the gray elbow in the foreground) kept letting the pole lean, so pictures of the chuppah actually over our heads and not on them may be rare.

And, for your further amusement, one of my favorite wedding gifts:

Now I can dry my socks and sweaters without sleeping in a stinky wet-sheep-butt-smellin' bed afterwards. Knitting those shawls for Grandma must have made an impression!

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