Sunday, April 29, 2007

SF Sock

Thanks to all for the wonderful wishes. The wedding was a lovely blur; when I get some pictures I will make sure to share them. In the meantime I do have honeymoon pics!

The sock was dreadfully neglected the first few days of the trip (I was tired, honest!), but San Francisco is a sock town:

Sock Market at Pier 39, the which has to be on of the biggest tourist trap in SF. Not to be missed, but not to be the focus of your entire trip, either.

The sock was particularly delighted with the sea lions. The sea lions, on the other hand, did not seem all that impressed.

At the nearby Cannery (Del Monte Square) , there was another sock-friendly site:

It was closed, but we knit there anyway.

I also knit all over the City Lights Bookstore, the beatniks hardly minded at all. The sock felt very existential.

Our faboo hotel, the Queen Anne, was a delightful B&B littered with antiques. If you're headed up to SF and would like a quiet, delightful experience I would highly recommend this spot.

The sock had a wonderful time. It enjoyed some wine in the room...

and even played a little grand piano in the lounge.

The knitting content was not limited to sock knitting, but Blogger won't let me upload my goodies from ArtFibers. If no one has picked up the cone of black camel, from the discount shelves, I might need to pick it up....

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