Thursday, March 08, 2007

Making Progress... Occasionally

Believe it or not, knitting-related progress has started to slowly reappear in the Knitting Wounded Tent.

A nice chunk of weaving has been done on the chuppah. I won't bore you with details; it looks exactly like every picture before it.

The birdhouse is nearly done! It is felted, assembled, and embellished with little silk flowers. That big blank spot in the front?

Oh yeah, a place for the yarny bird to get in.... I can't seem to get the hang of needle-felting, so I'm looking for a Plan D, but it will go out to my secret tote buddy on time and just a little over budget.

And look, actual knitting! My team at work almost never get to do anything together due to our funky scheduling, so when the office is closed we try to do something "team-building" (if I say that often enough maybe we'll get reimbursed). We've been going to Disneyland during the week when the place is relatively dead. No lines = no knitting gets done. The long lines at Disneyland on Sunday allowed me time to finish the foot on Boy's holiday sock and put in my first short-row heel ever!

Look at that huge sock foot! Now for the long trudge up the ankle.... Darn Boy's gigantic feet!

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