Sunday, March 11, 2007

Felting and Fiber

A finished project? No way!


Say hello to my little birdhouse tote, all felted up and ready for shipping tomorrow. Or maybe Wednesday, my work schedule is a nightmare this week.

This project was a huge departure for me; I don't usually felt and I never even thought of knitting a birdhouse. It was a lot of fun and taught me a few things, such as needle-felting, that I may not have picked up otherwise. I'm really hoping my ITE3 buddy likes it!

Stashonomically, I did pretty well on this project. I ended up purchasing two balls of WotA for the main body of the tote, but everything else came from the stash. I didn't use up anything, but the colors are compatable and may become another little felted something...

On the subject of other fibers, I randomly picked up this book at the library the other day. My hair has always been a bit of a frizzy mop; I'd wrestle with it and swear at it and eventually give up on it ever looking even half decent. After reading this book, I not only found that my hair is curly (which is why it only looks nice until I brush it out), but I found a hair-related philosophy I could live with (here's the knitting content): All Hair Is Fiber. Now, I may be the dumbest person to slog the Earth, but while I understood that wool is hair, I never turned it around to think about what I was doing to my own fibers. So, I have curly hair and, so far, it's been looking half-decent. Wish me luck!

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If you like that book, you should check out

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