Friday, December 15, 2006

Runnin' Low

Looking in my bags right now, I am shocked to find that I have only one active project on the needles. I'm not sure why this terrifies me, but it does. terrify. me. What happens when this is done? Am I actually going to start crocheting that afghan?

While that would probably be the best idea, I'm not gonna. I figure that I'm reaching the knitted gift threshold, so I should probably start on something fun for myself before starting the chuppa (which honestly, I'm reconsidering. The insanity of it all is becoming clearer and clearer all the time), and Jolie has been awful patient...

I am considering Wendy's Knit From Your Stash 2007! except that I'm honestly not sure I have enough yarn to get me through the year. It's one thing if you're allowed to spin up some more in truly desperate times, but what if the spinning bug just left you a little fuzzy? Does it negate the benefits of the "from the stash" knitting if I stock up before New Years?

I'm going to whip out this last sock, watch Bob Barker, then go to work. I love working afternoons!

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Rachel said...

hey there - thanks for entering my contest! to answer your question, i got the recipe for the persimmon tart from joy of cooking, but it was just a generic fruit tart recipe (i'm sure it is the same in a lot of other cookbooks).