Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I'm super-depressed today, so I thought I'd make it worse by doing an inventory of the knitting I have gotten done for the holiday. Here's my original list, completed items bolded:

Boy's Family:
Socks for one grandmother, two aunts, one stepmother, and one monkey-baby.
Knit cupcakes for monkey baby from
One Skein to help furnish her rather large play kitchen.
Swell for teenage cousin.
Sumthin' for Boy (he occasionally reads the blog, so it's gonna be a surprise).
Sumthin' with pigs for Jewish comedian cousin & his wife.
If time/yarn allows, more socks/toys for extended family.

My family:
Socks for one grandmother, two aunts, one dad's gf, and one teenage cousin.
Scarves for aunt and cousin out of the Big Wool Tuft I picked up.
Shawl for grandmother.
Swells for brother and other teenage cousin.
Sumthin' for grandfather, dad, older cousin, and aunt's husband, time/yarn permitting.

Scarf/sock set (I'm thinking feather & fan maybe)
Angora Knitted Bodice
Pomatomas Socks using the aloe yarn Jen sent me
Jolie, my love
Swell for me
and, finish my afghan (it's crochet, but I think it counts).

Hmm, that's not a whole lot of bold. I did finish my dad's gf's birthday present:
These are the arm-warmie-thingies from She liked my Japanese-patterned ones, so I figured I'd make her a pair with little Laugh-In flowers on the hands.
I'm going to drink some tea and consider my next project; I figure I only have time for one move before I run out of pre-holiday fun.

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