Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Holey Socks!

I posted in the Mystery Sock KAL that I would have pictures of the first finished sock on the blog.

Guess what I forgot to do until just now?

This is the Holey Sock pattern by Eleanor Gallo-Hendrikx. I have to admit that it wasn't my cup of tea, but it broke up some of the sock monotony I was trudging through. I am on the heel flap of the second sock already and looking forward to another finished sock.

Jen has a point (well, probably several, but enough about her needles), a set of interchangable circulars would be a very good investment. Not being able to pick up a stinking us7 is driving me up the wall. I'll probably go pick one up this weekend, if not a set... What do y'all recommend? Boye, Denise, or the new Knitpicks needles?


Anonymous said...

I like the Denise's despite my hatred of anything but metal needles. I don't use them as much as my Inox needles, but in a pinch (as you're in) it's nice to have everything available. (Outside of sock needles obviously)

Heatherly said...

knit picks rock! i adore them! i am making the knitted bodice too, with my pointy tipped knit picks needles. sides the whole set is cheaper than 3 addi needles!