Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Faucet, The Plug, & The Holey Spigot

There has been a significant bummer going on in the Knitting Wounded tent lately...

Okay, here's the story:

Two weeks ago the spigot for the bathtub fell out of the wall in Boy's hand; turned out the pipe was cracking and finally broke. While this explained why the paint was cracking and peeling off the walls, it also meant a weekend of bathing via the bathroom sink.

Last night Boy hears this hissing noise in the bathroom and calls me in to inspect. I find a puddle of hot water on the floor and think hot water feed to the sink is leaking, not a big deal. Until I feel the wall, which proved to be very hot and would release water when pressed. I used to do plumbing repairs with my father growing up, but anyone would know that we had a broken pipe inside the freaking wall.

This is our bathroom.

This is our kitchen, as seen through our bathroom.
At this point we are now sans sink, which is a great deal better than being sans shower. The knitting content? I was working on the Glampyre Knitted Bodice while Tony was working on the busted pipe:

I love the color, loving the yarn, loving the pattern. Hating the fact that I've been working on this for three straight days and it is WAY TOO FRIGGING BIG. I've decided to pull back on my needle size to adjust for the wildly varying gauge I have been getting. I am, however, lacking in the necessary size needle to do so.


I have come to a conclusion: I am a progress knitter more than a process knitter. I like watching the project build up, taking shape under my (sometimes less than) masterful fingers. Having to start over is bad enough, but not even being able to cast on because I'm lacking equipment is torture...


Anonymous said...

May I reccomend getting a set of Denise's at some point? A bit pricy at first, but it wards off issues like this.

trek said...

I am so sorry about the plumbing! We live in an old house and I shudder sometimes to think what can ever go wrong.

Heatherly said...

when the oldest 2 girls were 3 and 4 they were in the tub and one rested their hand on the tiles. it collapsed! turned out when they put on a new roof some one cracked the panels and water was seeping alon the roof into the wall and roting out, carpenter ants discovered this before anyone else and took up residence. it was horrific! total sympathy for you!