Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Only 116 Knitting Days Left...

You may think it premature, but I am starting to plan for the upcoming holiday gift-giving season. I've actually been doing some clandestine holiday knitting in the way of random sock knitting, but now the actual list is starting to form:

Boy's Family:
  • Socks for one grandmother, two aunts, one stepmother, and one monkey-baby.
  • Knit cupcakes for monkey baby from One Skein to help furnish her rather large play kitchen.
  • One Swell for teenage cousin.
  • Sumthin' for Boy (he occasionally reads the blog, so it's gonna be a surprise).
  • Sumthin' with pigs for Jewish comedian cousin & his wife.
  • If time/yarn allows, more socks/toys for extended family.

My family:
  • Socks for one grandmother, two aunts, one dad's gf, and one teenage cousin.
  • Scarves for aunt and cousin out of the Big Wool Tuft I picked up.
  • Shawl for grandmother.
  • Swells for brother and other teenage cousin.
  • Sumthin' for grandfather, dad, older cousin, and aunt's husband, time/yarn permitting.

If you're keeping count this adds up to:
  • 10 pairs of socks
  • 3 Swells
  • 2 scarves
  • 1 shawl
  • 1 dozen knitted cupcakes
  • and a bunch of surprises, time/yarn permitting.

This is including, of course, the things I want to knit for myself:
  • Scarf/sock set (I'm thinking feather & fan maybe)
  • Angora Knitted Bodice
  • Pomatomas Socks using the aloe yarn Jen sent me
  • Jolie, my love
  • Swell for me
  • and, finish my afghan (it's crochet, but I think it counts).

Some may say I'm being, at best, a tad optimistic. Well, I say screw you, everyone needs a good let-down during the holidays. I also have a bit of overlapping in there, so (insert famous last words here). As I was figuring all this out over dinner tonight Adam said that this sounded ominously like a Yarn Harlot fiasco... Nuts to him, I have 116 days. If I can get a sock done every week or so I should be in the clear.

I started on the Knitted Bodice the other night, but I don't have enough progress to bother you with a picture. I'm liking the pattern; it is very straightforward and a pretty easy knit so far. I'll take a picture at the first fitting, promise!

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