Sunday, September 10, 2006

Weekend o' Knitterly Angst

It has been a trying week in the Knitting Wounded tent. Medics have been applying Special Dark through the worst bits, but without much success.

I am happy to report that we now have a sink. Unfortunately, when I woke up at 3 am on Saturday to go to work, there was no hot water. That was remedied this morning, but not in time to save my mood.

After work I called Boy and asked him to grab my sock bag and meet me downtown so we could head over to the yarn shop and pick up the needles I need to get restarted on the knitted bodice.

When he showed up he had remembered the bag, but my loose dpn wasn't in the bag. I distinctly remembed putting it in the bag the day before, but I was so tired I just shrugged it off.

After an hour-long bus ride we get to the yarn shop, which I called earlier in the day to confirm that they had the sizes I needed. They had them alright, but they were $20 a pop... Someday that might be okay, but this is not that day. I headed out of the store a bit sheepishly and took Boy to lunch, then walked around until I was tired to the point of ickiness and needed to go home.

After a nap I went to KnitPicks and, defeated in my quest to get needles now, ordered up some of the Options needles in the sizes I need for the sweater. Oh, and the size I need for the shawl pattern and yarn I also bought. Oh, and some other stuff, all for the same amount I would have paid to have those two needles now. At this point I feel like an obsessive yarn pig and swear off buying yarn until I have room to store what I already have.

Then, like an idiot I go look on and see this. There's a sock yarn that's the perfect colorway, superwash merino, WITH MY NAME ON IT!!! Bekka yarn (close enough to Becka) is enough to kill a woman who has finally put her foot down. We will eat, I will not get the yarn. Dagnab it...

Suddenly it's midnight, but I cannot sleep because of the nap earlier. I start to clean up my little knitting area trying to find the lost dpn. I find and sew up some of the cupcakes,

but don't find the needle. I cuss at the snoring Boy and go to sleep myself.

Next morning Boy talks me into going to breakfast. On the way we're talking about the lost dpn. Boy feels bad because he thinks he lost it, and I'm trying to comfort him by saying that I have plenty of size 1 dpns. As I'm saying this we walk past this on the sidewalk:

What do you know, the bugger did lose my dpn! It's a little worse for wear after spending Saturday night downtown, but a little sanding and waxing should make the poor thing servicable again.

Oh, and I'm on the gusset of the second Mystery Sock KAL sock, in my opinion the worst part of the sock. After this one I'm going to start a pair for myself, maybe the pomatomus pattern from Knitty.

How was your weekend?

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Anonymous said...

Oh sweetie I'm sorry. At least you found it! What size DPNS were they?
My weekend was ok, I'm more than tired from marathon training, but DisneyWorld was deader than a doornail so that helped! Hang in there!