Wednesday, July 19, 2006

More Leetle Socks

Guess what I finished today?

The color is completely wrong, but these are the Pink Gumball Footies, all woven in and ready for dancing. I just finished the toe as I was called in for my ultrasound; I could tell the pregnant women in the waiting room with me were thinking, "Hey, why is she knitting little things? She's just fat!" Fine then, no footies for them! They will join their Crusoe mommies in the Holiday pile, which is getting big enough that I may need to designate a place to keep them out of the way for the next few months.

On the train back I started these:

The Leetle Shepherd socks will be made out of the Lorna's Laces left over from the Syracuse socks (which, if I ever find again, will be photographed with the babies). I love these tiny socks!


I love my kitty, but she is allergic to damn near everything, from Friskies dry food (but she can eat the wet food) to flea medications. This weekend I put the same brand and type of flea collar that I usually do, and she starts drooling profusely. This means she gets picked up (which she hates) put in the sink (which she despises) and rinsed in warm water until she is thoroughly cleaned (which she tolerates eventually). This picture was taken after the bath but before the hours and hours of meticulous licking she did to make herself more presentable. Bad news is she's still not terribly fond of me. Good news is, we got rid of some of her "summer funk" in the process...

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Anonymous said...

Poor Stinker! Cute picture tho.. I haven't tried any baby booties, but I'm thinking I'm going to have to soon!