Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Lil Sockies

The first set of Crusoe socks are done!

They are warm and soft and slightly snugger than I'd like, or I'd be terribly tempted to keep them myself. Jen of the wool allergy and a bunch of us from work got together at TGIFridays to celebrate her liberation from Verizon, and while we were waiting for a table I was working on sock #2 and, of course, she was entranced and wanted the socks. So I had her try one on to see if she'd itch.
She was hunky-dory for a while, wearing one wool sock on a bench outside TGIF while I started on the toe of the second one. Then, there was itching and burning and, long story short, I still have the socks. I have promised her cotton ones as soon as I do a little dyeing... I promise to have Boy take pictures!

In the meantime I have been avoiding sewing up (and taking pics of) Ann's Twisty wrap. Maybe this weekend. I can't seem to choose which sock pattern to indulge in next and I had some yarn left over from the Crusoe socks, so I figured I'd do a bit more stash-busting and make some little socks.

Why did no one tell me of the wonder that is little socks?

These things are fabulous! They are tiny and cute and only take 2 days to finish a sock, a big bonus to someone who is mid-projects and hasn't been feeling to spiffy. I just hope they will be the right size; I don't know much about children's feet...

They look like little Crusoes, but are actually Gumball Footies by Trek. I had to do some adjusting, (I don't know who's gauge was off, but it was OFF), but I think I'm finally starting to get the hang of Sock Math! Yay me!


trek said...

Yay - someone made a Gumball!!!!!

Alice said...

love the cusoes, so totally going to knit them now!