Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Flash Yer Bags!

No, not those bags, ya pre-verts. The Yarn Yenta has requested that all her SP8 babies dump their knitting bags and show off their goodies. No, not those goodies!!!

These goodies! I currently have four knitting "bags", things I'd carry around with my knitting in them. I've started keeping my working projects in their own bags; it keeps things just a little more organized (yeah, right). Just to be a pain, I'll be starting with the needle case in the bottom right-hand corner and working my way counter-clockwise.

I'm including my needle case because it can be easily shoved into some luggage and brought along. I bought this case from Bean of Bean's Stock on my business trip to Syracuse, NY. Sadly enough, these are not all my needles. I also have quite the assortment of circular needles, many with the cord-middles melted out from when I had a little internet hat-knitting business and was afraid to use dpn's. As you can see, I've clearly gotten over that little quirk. I am considering a separate needle case for my dpn's, but for now the circulars are in my little blue ArtBin.

These are the contents of the brown messenger satchel, which looks like leather but is actually 100% PVC according to the label. All I know is that the cranberry juice I spilt on it wiped up without bother when I finally got back to it. This bag holds most of my little knitting stuff, which makes sense since I NEVER CARRY IT! It includes a set of house keys, since I lose/forget them so often, it's just a good place to carry a spare set. The little sock is actually a bag which holds my purdy blue stone heart stitch markers. Also pictured are most of my point protectors, a book of helpful hints with a needle inventory, yarn and cable needles, and pattern notes for my latest acrylic-destruction project, Danica. The scarf is on hiatus because Boy has expressed interest in this scarf. Since he has been cut off from all hand-knitting milk until he buys the cow (or at least buys the cow a shiny bauble as a down-payment), I am loathe to make progress on it.

The Hawaiian-print bag was brought back from the island, a gift from my grandmother. Ann's Twisty Wrap is housed in this larger bag, which was also involved in the cranberry juice debacle. Thankfully the bag is waterproof and machine-washable, so the yarn was safe and that pink spot that you can't see (but I can) will hopefully come out. The wrap is currently longer than I am tall, we're guessing around 68 inches, only 36 inches remaining. I have a whole ball and most of another of this yarn, so it the math holds, I should have just a little left over from this project, taking another big chunk out of the stash, yay!

The last bag, brown w/pink flowers, is my sock bag and goes pretty much everywhere. It is much classier and nature-friendly than the string of plastic baggies that preceded it. The second Pink Crusoe made some progress today while I waited for my doctor to come back with some lab results (wish me luck on my ultrasound next Wednesday!). Like the bag? Go swap with Trek!


trek said...

Yay, Retro Mums in use!!

Heatherly said...

oh so organized. i found a goldfish cracker in mine! argh!