Thursday, July 20, 2006


I have been on quite the finishing spree. May I present:

Ann's Twisty Wrap

I finished sewing up this bad-girl while watching Kevin Smith's Clerks. Boy had not seen any of the Kevin Smith gems, so I figured that we'd start at the beginning. Chasing Amy is my favorite; we'll see what he thinks once we work our way through the series. I get so much done during our movie nights we've been considering joining NetFlix or some other send-dat-movie-to-my-house service, but I'd rather give the library my money. Not to mention it's right across the street from work, so if I don't turn in a movie I deserve that late fee.

I've been finishing at such a furious rate, what will become of me?

Edit entered 7/22/06:
Boy lied; he's seen Dogma. That's okay, we're watching Garden State tonight!


Anonymous said...

Chasing Amy is my favorite too! Being from NJ orginally, I love all of Kevin Smith's movies. The wrap looks amazing! Don't be surprised if you start getting offers to make them for people for a nice fee!
Hope you have a great weekend, it's off the other mouse house for me!

Heatherly said...

fun wrap! if only it were cold and enjoyable weather for wearing it. you need a severely Air conditioned building to try it in.

trek said...

I haven't seen Kevin Smith's movies - but I've been to the places where he's filmed.

Jill said...

Duh! Movies from the library! We just canceled NetFlix - and since it comes down to renting a movie at Blockbuster VS. buying yarn, I figured I was stuck with whatever is on TNT.

P.S. Kevin Smith is a genius for casting Alanis Morrisette as God! ;)