Saturday, July 22, 2006

Dye Job

Last night around 11:00pm, I figured it was finally cool enough to make this:

... into this:

Remember the sock yarn that my secret pal sent? The baumwolle that I thought was wool but was actually cotton? This is that yarn, dyed up a lovely pink for picky-tootsies Jen. I was a little bummed that my first dyeing adventure wasn't with powdered drink mix, but the process seems very similar, so lets ignore that cotton & kool-aid don't mix and pretend I didn't use rit-dusty rose dye.

I am very grateful to Boy for donating his "bachelor" pots to be my dye pot. I'm sure the teflon will come in handy!

He also donated the cooking chopstick I did all my agitating with (Boy never uses chopsticks anyway, but I find them so useful!). I liked the color in the pot which, funny enough, matches the picture for once. I did not realize that so much of the color would wash out.

I hung my yarn up in my bathroom, then off the fire-escape once I returned from work. I did four hours in the pit on Saturday; I'm behind in my work and the A/C is heaven in this muggy weather. Also, it makes everyone a little nervous. Generally when I come in on the weekend someone's getting fired...

Boy was going to buy me a ball winder with some of the money from this last job, but I can't wait! I told him he could buy me a swift (quit giggling, he'll hear you!).

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