Saturday, June 17, 2006

I did it for you!

I spent a LOT of money today. I got paid yesterday, so today was apparently "splurge before I remember I'm poor" day...

The biggest purchase was something for all of you:

Yes, I finally got that camera I've been whining about since I started blogging! It's the Kodak EasyShare C310. As a former SLR & large-format/darkroom/gallery-exhibiting photographer, I have to admit that this camera is a blow to my former photo-snob pride. But I like it! I like it because this camera will not require it's own luggage when I go somewhere (major convenience factor there) and I won't have to spend hours training Boy before he can use it, too. And, it allows me to easily show y'all things like this:

These are boy's gigantic feet. They come in at a whopping size 13, explaining why that first set of plain stockinette socks almost killed the love of socks for me. They may look dainty in this picture, but it's just the angle the shot was taken from, trust me.

Here are the finished Ribbles From Heck! They will go to Jessie and we will have action shots as soon as I remember to bring them to work with me.

And I started Crusoe last night! Turns out the colorway is actually called Hydrangea. I'm sure I have a Marigold somewhere in the sock stash; it's probably one of the skeins I'll have to buy a ball-winder for. I am thoroughly enchanted by this pattern; there is enough variation to keep the sock flying, but the stranding is easy enough to not be tedious. This may be one of the few patterns I do more than once.

To answer Heatherly's question, I would definitely recommend Mariah as a project. But (there's always a but), I would not recommend it as someone's first sweater or cabling project. The only way I made my way through five frogged sleeves was my stupid stubborn determination to not let the pattern beat me. I may continue work on the hood during Saturday Night Live, but the socks have me hooked.

Next time: Buffalo and Pittsburgh!

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Heatherly said...

i have my collection of "girl from auntie" patterns and vacillate between those and mariah... still no decision