Monday, June 19, 2006

Summer O' Crap

Happy Father's day to those of you who reproduced, then made the bold move to stick around and make the effort. I salute you! I even called my dad (wonder of wonders) and gave him vague hints about what I sent him. Promise not to tell?

Buffalo Steaks. Yes, I sent the old man more meat. Never mind that my father is raising two pigs so he can trade one of the neighbors for half of their cow come slaughtering time. Never mind that he still has some of the last cow, Cheeseburger, still in his freezer (for the record, I refused to eat this cow, he emailed me so many pictures of it!). Why? For the love of god(s), why?

Because buffalo is better for you than beef. Better for his blood pressure, better for his cholesterol, better all around.

And I'd like to see a buffalo in his yard next year...

And here's what I did on Father's Day:

I obviously did not get myself the pedicure I so richly deserve, but look at Crusoe! The ankle was knit on father's day, then I made it about half way up the heel today at lunch today. The colors nauseate me just a tad, but the pattern is awesome. I am the kind of person who generally, once a pattern is conquered, never bothers to go there again. This may be one of the select few patterns that gets more than one go around...


I have been good, though it honestly has not been hard. Progress moves forward on the Chocolate Mariah apace; she is now almost completely seamed and has another two inches on her hood. Now I just have to figure out who is going to weave in all the ends... I have yet to take a decent picture of her, so you'll just have to hold tight.

Not much to report on Danica. I completed another repeat and taught myself how to purl backwards! I have made lots of progress mentally, but not enough physically to bother taking a picture...

But this whole declutter, simplify, and accomplish theme has really got me thinking (always a bad sign). In the spirit of these ideals, I sheepishly present one of my first non-yarn destashments:

My Comics on eBay

I am sad to say that these are not all my comics (not by a long shot), but these are the ones I can definitly do without. And all the proceeds go back to refurbishing my stash after the great decrapping is over =P

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trek said...

Hey, I am liking that Crusoe sock! Where can I get the pattern?