Friday, June 16, 2006

No Fun At All

First of all, it is really hot today.

Get-that-freakin'-wool-away-from-me hot.

I'd-rather-be-at-work-cuz-there's-air-conditioning hot.

So, no progress on Mariah today. Not much has been going on with the old girl anyhoo; the hood has been hard on my hands because of all the weight of the sweater pulling on it. I have been doing some furtive seaming though. A sleeve on one side and the side on the other and pretty decent looking first sweater starts to emerge. I am SO EXCITED!!! I'd take a picture, but that would necessitate putting the darn thing on, and that just ain't happening (see weather report above).

I am finally starting my next pair of socks! I decided on
Crusoe in Marigold merino by KnitPicks, which they apparently don't sell anymore because I could not find a picture of the colorway to snatch. It's a mix of pinks and purples, which would be perfect for Jen if she wasn't allergic to wool... I wonder if I can sneak these on her? It is not that I don't take wool allergies seriously, I really do. I just don't take Jen's wool allergy seriously; she's allergic or adverse to almost everything good in the world. She may have just had a bad wool experience, so I may try to persuade her to at least try these on, they're 100% merino for crying out loud. But, in my defense here, I will exercise full disclosure. I don't believe in sneaking possibly harmful things on people...

I Learned Something Today

I've decided that, since I learn something from every project and I have my very own soapbox, I would start sharing the insights gained from each project. So, without further ado:

Jessies' Ribble Socks

I learned several things from this project:

a) Don't be cheap with the things you love.
Life is too short to work with yarn you hate and needles that break in your bag.

b) There is such thing as too much.
The striping was cool, and the ribbles would have been cool if they were easier to see. As they turned out, I did not get a good investment on the time it took to twist all those stitches.

And c) Socks Rule!
Even a sock that you despise flies by when you spend 45 minutes in the line for Space Mountain.


Anonymous said...

Does Stinker get socks?

Heatherly said...

hi becka! 1- have you read the yarn harlot's story about trying to give woolen items to her friend " who cant really be allergic to wool"? your post reminded me of that and made me giggle. alpaca is supposed to be a great alternative.
we are suppsed to be in triple digits this weekend. all cotton knitting! BLAH!
SO... do you like mariah? would you recommend it?