Saturday, June 03, 2006


Good things are happening at the Knitting Wounded tent:

Mariah is now in one piece! All the individual sections are completed and combined on the circular needle! The heatwave has made it a little hard to have a huge mass of wool sitting in my lap while I work the decreases that will transition into the hood of this beastie, but I manage. Mostly by not sleeping; I get a lot of the work done on it after 9pm, windows open and the fans buzzing. Who needs sleep when you have lemon ginsing tea?

My first acrylic-reduction project is underway:

Danica from Knitty! I've never done entrelac before, but this seems to be a very reasonable introduction to the technique. Not to mention that it is wicked-awesome-cool looking! The constant turning was getting to me, so I am pleased to report that I can now knit in reverse. Unfortunately, I have not been able to figure out purling in reverse... Helmet please?

Have I ever mentioned that I love getting mail? Adore it? I even like getting all the political campaign ads that keep getting shoved down my mail-hole. Packages are my favorite kind of mail, of course, and this is what came in yesterday:

My secret pal sent me goodies! The box was full of Mindful Knitting and patterns and lucious brown yarn and an Eyeore keychain and varigated sock yarn and Bottle Caps and sock point protectors and duckies! Thank you Secret Pal!

Oh, and Stinker would like to thank you for the box...

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