Sunday, June 04, 2006

Summer O' Stash

Okay, I'll admit it: I like these online knitting group thingies. My newest affiliation is with Summer Of Stash.

I'm such a tool!

Hello, my name is Becka, and I have too much yarn.

I actually don't think I have too much yarn (I hear your booing), but I have a few projects that new yarn distracts me from finishing (or starting). I'm hoping that this Summer of Stash will be the Summer of Finishing something for a change...

Exception #1: My LYS is having their 6th anniversary sale August 25-27. If I want them to have a 7th anniversary, I'd better do my part.

Exception #2: If my best friends conceive I will go wild buying yarn to start whipping up baby stuff.

My reward for good behavior? Hopefully a sweater, a wrap-around shawl, several pairs of socks, and a wild next-sweater-yarn shopping spree...

And, in commemoration of jumping on yet another bandwagon, please refer to the ticker at the bottom of the page (I didn't know where else to put the darn thing).

Contest Update!

And the winner of my silly contest is
Trek! All the ideas were fabulous, but only Trek's involved fire. I'm a little afraid to tell you what I have planned, but I will post pictures if I don't burn the whole joint down.
And what has Trek won? Well, I can't show you yet. Why? 'Cuz it ain't here yet. When it arrives I will take a quick picture and forward the goodness along promptly.

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