Saturday, May 27, 2006

Knitting Exposure

Don't get me wrong, I'm fully intending on celebrating

on June 10, but I knit in public almost everyday. I have specific projects for travel knitting, I knit at work unless I don't feel like being pestered by my co-workers, I even knit at the movies. Why do we need Knit in Public Day? Everyday is MY KIP day...

But not today; I am hurty as all get out. I'm actually wearing my cashmere armlets in this weather, just to help the aching in my arms. I can still type, but no more knitting for today... It's okay though, because I finished the first sleeve on Mariah yesterday before work! All I have left now is the right front, then the yoke, then the hood, then the finishing. I am very excited to have my first sweater done (eventually).

Contest Update!

Four comments so far, and they are all winners! I was thinking about Heatherly's idea to "tag" with my knitting, but in my neighborhood there is too much competition from the gun-toting sort of tagger; I'll leave the vandalism to the professionals =) Not to mention that, because of my public knitting, everyone would know it was me...

Thank you all for the suggestions! Keep it up, the prize pot is sweetening by the day!

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ok what about
it has to use alot of yarn!!!