Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Panty Post

I take a short hiatus from my blogging and come back to a bunch of comments! You guys sure know how to make a girl's day! Damn, now I feel pressured to be interesting.

In Chiaogoo news: Wednesday at lunch I go into my bag to work on the second Ribble and find... another broken needle. This one broke right in half; thank goodness it wasn't holding any stitches! I come out of work about to lay a rant into my poor bf (yes, he walks me to and from work!), and he hands me an envelope containing my new needles. I learned two things from this. 1. Sometimes you have to bitch to make things right. and 2. My definition of "light-colored needles" is different than Mr. Zheng's. Overall, my experience with the company has been pretty good. The new needles feel sturdier than their predecessors, but only socks will tell.

I moved a dresser into my teeny apartment this weekend, hence the lack of blog. This means I have a more discreet place to stash my undies than the Sterilite 3-drawer hutch that once housed them. So, at Boy's request, my acrylic stash has migrated to the recently vacated Sterilite. And you know what?

I filled the entire thing. Absolutely stuffed. Crud.

I have to point out that this stuffage does not include the two (yes, I dug around and found two) unfinished blankets waiting in the closet to be crocheted. As this is way too much plastic for my taste, the infamous Rule of Three will be temporarily altered to help ease the pressure in my drawers. And yes, if you thought what I think you thought, it was intended.

Long Term Project: Chocolate Mariah
Go Anywhere Project: Ribble Socks, then I dig into the merino sock yarn I picked up on sale (more info to come).
and the Looming Deadline Project will temporarily become the Acrylic Reduction Project.

What to do for the ARP? I'd like to make at least one Nautie from Knitty and the bag from the Summer issue of Interweave Knits. But, to make things interesting, I'd like to propose...


But, what about the last contest? The one that didn't work out so well? Well, this time the prize is a surprise. The person who comments with the most interesting way to get rid the most acrylic gets a tiny something nifty. Keep in mind that most of it is not "nice" acrylic, so suggestions to make it into undies will not be entertained (entertaining, maybe). I'll prolly send it out the first weekend in June, so bring it on!


trek said...

Melt it down and spin soda bottles out of it.

miss88keys said...

I don't have the most entertaining idea, but I hate to waste yarn (even bad acrylic yarn), so here's my most useful & quick way to get rid of it.

Using the largest size knitting needles you can find & multiple skeins of yarn (color doesn't matter), knit some large colorful rugs that you could give away to children for their bedrooms.

Anonymous said...

Hi Becka,
Giung with the rug theme, here's a pattern from Knitty Gritty:,2025,DIY_13768_3059463,00.html
or you could get a bit wild:
No idea what it looks like but it uses a lot of yarn
Hope these help

Heatherly said...

i say join the knitta's and tag everything with acrylic. it lasts a long time!
you can become your own neighborhood graffiti artist.