Thursday, May 18, 2006

A Sea of Green

Not just in a Beatles' song anymore. My Boy found me...

... a sea of green!

Actually, it's a collection of green knitting needles he found while cleaning out his aunt's garage. There are 3 sets of size 4's, a set of 2's, 7's, and 11's, along with 2 matching stitch holders and a counter-thingy. There is also one random plastic size 3, eh? Not a bad haul if I do say so myself.

And the Stitch & Beach? Not bad for the first time around, I suppose. Maybe I was much more interesting in Syracuse than I was around this big group of talented ladies. Maybe the group size was above my anxiety threshold. Maybe it was the number of belly-babies floating around, but I didn't feel as comfortable as I was hoping. I will try going a few more times to see if knitting orgies grow on me. I did get a lot done on the 1st/5th Mariah sleeve and the coffee at Viento y Agua was sensational.

Oh, and for my Secret Pal 8 Spoilee? Something is on the way!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi Becka!
We hope you come back to the knitting group! It was good to have you there and we want you to return for more knitting!
Knit on,
Jennifer (moderator)