Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Strange Things Are Happening

I decided that, in fact, I was very unhappy about my broken double-pointed needle. So unhappy that I used the power of the internet to find someone to bitch to about said dpn. I sent out a curt (okay, maybe a teeny bit irate) email to the company. Imagine my suprise when I get this response:

Thank you for using our ChiaoGoo needles and sorry for the problem you have. May I ask what color Chiaogoo needles that you have (light color or dark color) and where you bought the needles from?

If you bought the needle from one of our retailers, we will happy to replace them.

Thank you.

Leon Zheng, Manager

Holy customer service, Batman! I received another email today stating that the replacement needles (needles!) would be shipped in two business days. Color me impressed.

In other unusual news, I will be leaving very shortly to attend my first Stitch & Beach meeting (damn SFSE). I actually left work on time so I could pry myself from the dank cave that is my post-management social life and hang out some local knitters. I am really excited!

I finished the second Chocolate Mariah sleeve Monday night:

And I have commenced ripping and re-knitting the first sleeve, leaving me with half a Mariah:

(Note: neither of these pictures accurately depicts the actual color of the yarn, and they do match) This is much more fun with picures!

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