Sunday, May 14, 2006

Getting Graphic

I love ze lazy Sundays when Boy is out of ze house, I get so much (useless) stuff done! Like this:

Adding thought bubbles to broken knitting needles has to be pretty useless, but at least I figured out how to get my pictures off my cell phone! I broke my poor size 2 finishing up the first of Jessie's Ribble socks last night. I have heard that ChiaoGoo's were not up to most knitter's standards for bamboo dpns, but I have to admit that I do tend to grasp my needles rather tightly, so I can't really fault the needle. I don't want to switch needle brands midstream, so I'll continue to use the remaining four for the second sock and use one of my multitude of Clover size 1's to do the ribbling.

And here is the culprit sock that killed my needle. Along with the culprit that is slowly covering my home in a fine carpet of fur. I was taking a picture of the sock and she butted in. She makes the sock look tiny in comparison, but I think it looks skinnier/longer than it should because of the ribbling. This is not Stinker's finest photo, but she should have made an effort to look more presentable when I say "Hey Stinker" and am holding a picture-taking device.

I can't even tell you how long I've waited to do this: STASH FLASH!!!

Please excuse the mess, I was going to clean up the stash today, I swear!

Top shelf in this photo is my sock yarn, the first two Yarn Harlot books and the first two Sefton knitting murder mysteries (yes, I am ashamed...) There is also an elephant coin jar, leather-bound Harvard Classics collection, and the invitation to baby cousin's b-day party two months ago.

Next shelf holds my wealth of acrylic, 95% given to me by well-meaning crafters who never started that poncho... My new needlecase is sticking out on the lefthand top with my red size 15's sticking out of it. The loose strands are from Stinker playing around.

The bottom holds my knitting books, yarn that needs to be properly housed (wound up, shoved somewhere else, etc.), the yarn and pattern for a wrap that I'll probably start on after Mariah, and some odds and ends. Above and below this area is my photography stash.

This shot does not include the mass of blue and white acyrlic in the closet waiting to become an afghan or the basket next to the television with the Chocolate Mariah. It's an admittedly modest stash by some knitter's standards, but I have more than enough to last me to my next paycheck.

Oh, and if you hadn't noticed yet, I have buttons now! Turns out I have webspace?!?


Anonymous said...

I've often wondered how broken bamboo needles felt... now I know...
here's to always having a back up plan!
Your SP said...

Just to let you know.... the elephant coin jar is an empty Grapette bottle. It contained a concentrate for making a Koolaid type beverage. Grape, orange and lime flavors, think. The were sold during the late 50's from the Grapette Co. in Camden, AR. Also came as a fat kitten and a clown.