Thursday, May 11, 2006

Knitting Destiny

I finished the Acrylic Nightmare scarf the other night; I even put it in the finished objects list on the right.

See? See? --> --> --> -->
I love this thing!

It is sitting in a bag awaiting it's destiny (what, doesn't your stuff have destinies?). It seems that any time I knit something it always has somewhere to go, even if I don't know what when I start. Just as I was finishing this scarf (and running out of the red eyelash yarn), the perfect recipient just came out of the woodwork.

I feel bad that I don't share pics of my stuff (I think I can do it with my cell phone, but I haven't figured out how to yet), so make your own to look at. Here's the insanely simple stash-bustin' pattern:

Acrylic Nightmare Scarf Pattern

(A)some eyelash/novelty yarn
(B)some garden-variety acrylic (choose colors based on effect desired)
1 relatively long, relatively large circular needle (I used a 12.75mm (US 17) 39" long)

Loosely cast on an insane number of stitches using both A & B intertwined. Think you have enough? Adding 20 more won't hurt, trust me. Knit one row with both A & B. Knit next two rows with only B. Pick up A and knit next two rows with both. Continue in garter stitch in this pattern until you're sick of it (or until you start running low on one yarn or the other), leaving off with one row of A & B combined. Cast off super-loose with both yarns by adding a crochet chain between each cast off loop (I didn't even need a hook with needles this big, so don't freak).

Still confused? Check the chart:

//////////////////////...///////////////////// A + B = Both =)
-------------------...------------------ Yellow + Blue make Green

//////////////////////...///////////////////// Get it?


I did about 10 rows with geez-I-dunno stitches and got a scarf that hangs about 2-3 inches wide and 9-10 feet long with minimal time investment. I also ran through a ball of eyelash yarn that would not stay wound and wandered around the stash like it owned the damn place.

Eeek, now I need a third project!

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