Monday, May 08, 2006

I'm not that all that bright

Okay, so I rip back and spend all weekend working on the second sleeve on the never-ending Chocolate Mariah. It is looking admittedly awesome; I'm getting pretty close to the point in the pattern where I left off on the first sleeve and I am totally not regretting ripping this puppy back.

But it looks kinda short to be almost to the yoke.

Like, mid-arm short.

So, I put the sleeve-in-progress next to the damn-near-finished sleeve. I can't tell what's wrong; the cablework is matching up beautifully. Then I notice that the ends of the sleeves don't match up. Turns out I put an extra cablework repeat into the first knotwork area on the first sleeve.

crap crap crap crap CRAP

I'm starting to think I'm entirely too retarded to knit full-blown sweaters. The plan, until my idocy strikes again, is to finish the current sleeve, then rip out and redo the first sleeve. Not until I calm down though, I don't want to end up burning it in the dumpster. I may have to do something nautie in the meantime... I've got to reduce my acrylic hoard somehow; my sock yarn stash needs room, damn it!

In SP8 news, I heard from my spoiler and spoilee today! I am super excited! Here's a question: how the hell do I get buttons in my sidebar? I pulled it off once, but the pictures died... I wasn't always suck a techno-weenie, honest!

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