Saturday, May 06, 2006

More Public Knitting

When I was working on my knitting code I asked Boy if he would consider me a "public knitter". Funny enough, this is the ONLY time he has looked at me like I was nuts. After all the weird things I 've done (for example: felting a scarf in the tub while he was soaking in it). So, when we were invited to the Los Angeles County Police Canine Association exhibition, I had to decide whether to take Jessie's socks or the Chocolate Mariah sleeve.

I am a little nervous about the sleeve; I re-knit the first one so many times that I have the complex cabling pattern memorized. I put the new sleeve over the first one to make sure I was on track and, thank goodness they look the same size. Then I noticed that they looked different from each other... Turns out I messed up again, I put too many cables along the sides as I increased. I know this would be much easier to understand if I had pictures, I apologize. I briefly considered just leaving it, who's going to notice?

Me. I'll notice. Not to mention that the extra cabling would probably change the fit of the sleeve. So, for the hour ride from Long Beach to the Del Amo mall, I ripped out all my increases up to the beginning of the rogue cables. I re-knit all the way from Torrance to Santa Clarita, between the amazing antics of the drug/bomb/cadaver sniffing dogs, and all the way back to Torrance. I know I have to ride this Mariah obsession before I get sidetracked by some other project. I want my cardigan!

Oh, and to quote the announcer at the exhibition, if you are being chased by the police and you hear a dog barking, stop. No really, STOP!!! Those dogs hit the "bad guys" like freaking line backers, even with the muzzles on. Trust me, purse-snatcher, you're going down...

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Anonymous said...

There's lots of fun knitting in public. If you can knit while waiting for Space Mountain (it's a bit dark in the queue for anything hard) you can knit anywhere!
Your SP