Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Have I mentioned that I love my grandmother? That I paid $1 for a green/gray cotton/ramie sweater at a hospital thrift store, ripped it to shreds, skeined, cleaned, and balled the yarn up? That I denied my cat this yarn that she loves so very, very much? Well, I do and I did.

Know what I found out? Shawls are nifty. Ask the Knitting Geek, she'll tell you. I am making the Simplest Shawl in Garter Stitch and I am loving my first shawl. Except for one thing: my shawl sucks. Not the pattern, not my knitting, but when I ripped the sweater I think I damaged the yarn. There are icky loose threads hanging everywhere and some areas are doubled up to make up for thinner areas of yarn. As I learned in photography, garbage in, garbage out I guess. I will try to clean it up as best I can, but I might have to find something else to give my grandma for her birthday... But I still think shawls are nifty =)

Oh, my knitpicks clearance yarn came in. Guess what everyone (at least 7 people) are getting for Winter Solstice/Chanukah/Christmas/Whatever!

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