Saturday, March 04, 2006

Post-Birthday Blog

I wanted to do a Birthday Blog, really I did, but I was just too friggin' tired. So, here's the Post-Birthday Blog:

I worked the night before, then came in for the morning shift. I did a hell of a job, left just in time to take the boat across the harbor. I then left a surprisingly well-prepared Adam (book and MP3 player) outside the yarn shop where I then spent an hour agonizing over what Birthday Yarn I wanted. I finally decided on two skeins of Japanese Noro yarn. It's 45% silk, 55% wool, and totally gorgeous. It even came with a copy of the pattern for the hat I saw that made me yearn for the yarn =) I just started said hat today, it is super-yummy! I even learned something from it: the circular cast on =D

Okay, so I've paid for my Birthday Yarn (20% off cuz it's my Birthday!) and ask if I can use the ball winder for the Lorna's Laces that the girls gave me for my birthday. The super-friendly woman behind the counter says to go right ahead, and to ask one of the other women who were standing over there for help since I'd never used one before.

I've never had a bad experience at the Alamitos Bay Yarn Store, but the woman I asked was downright nasty. She asked if I had gotten it there, and I explained that my friends had bought it there yesterday. She then said, "It doesn't have our barcode." Before I hauled out and verbally (26 year-olds shouldn't hit) ripped this woman a new one for virtually calling me a liar, the other two women working the shop stepped in and said "Her friends probably took the tags off, it was a BIRTHDAY present." Duh.

Long story short, that woman sucks and I love using a ball winder. It was ridiculously easy and super fun! I think I'll have to divert some of my yarn fund towards a ball winder...

Okay, after the Birthday Yarn debacle, I took Adam for Birthday In-N-Out, we went to Barnes and Noble and bought Jessie a juggling set to go with the unicycle that Jen got her (it's okay, she got it already), went home, washed my hair, gave Jessie her Kate Kitty from Knitty and Winter Star hat, then we all went to the Olive Garden. It was the bestest Birthday ever, except that my dad totally forgot... His Birthday socks don't seem so pressing anymore, but I will have them done, if only to make him feel like a schmuck. His girlfriend did send my this Thomas Kinkade lighthouse necklace thingy, but it really bummed me out that he didn't remember.

Oooh, Ooooh, check this out:

Later on, the Disney Knitting Report!

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