Monday, January 16, 2006

Two Wrongs Make Felt

Hey All!

Yesterday sucked. Just a bad day, no question about it. So, Boy's soaking in the tub (ciatic nerve thingy) and I'm finishing this beaded scarf and I'm hating it. I am starting to despise it and question my ability to knit at all. I do a half-assed job of weaving in the ends, jump online and read about 5 seconds worth of felting tips, go back in the bathroom and begin to hand felt the scarf. (Yes, Boy was in the tub at this time. To his credit, he hardly looked suprised at all.)

It was magic! It literally saved the day from being a complete loss. The irritating, stretchy, boring scarf became this thick, funky piece of cloth. I have never actually owned anything woolen before, so this was wholy new to me. After I was satisfied with its feltiness, I did a poor job of blocking it and put it away for the evening. It is currently hanging over the bathroom rail drying. It may not be professional, or straight, or something I would give as a gift, but it made me truly happy, and that is quite enough for me.

Still no pictures, but here are the stats if you want them:

Yarn: Rowan dk soft, 85% wool, 15% polyamide
Knit on size 5 needles from the beaded scarf pattern at the end of Scarf Style
Felted by hand for about, lets say, 20 minutes in warm bathtub water.

I am still planning on making the beaded fingerless mittens out of the same yarn and beads, but I think I'll keep them unfelted.

On a personal note, I start college again tomorrow morning. I've been saving the Roommate's hat until I start the commute back and forth. Lots of time for lots of no-chart no-pattern no-booboo knitting =) After this, Boy's Socks #2!


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