Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Dear Harlot!

I may have done something creepy. I wrote to my idol, the Harlot herself...

Dear Harlot!

It seems funny to call someone that without getting slapped immediately afterwards. I don't want to be another creepy fan, but I really love your books and am working my way through your blog archive (it's funny what you can get done while pretending to work on spreadsheets). You inspired me to start taking my knitting seriously and I wanted to thank you. I've even started my own blog, though I am very afraid someone will actually read it...

Anyway, I wanted to throw my hat into one of the Knitting Olympics rings. Actually, if it's alright I'll be throwing in a pair of socks. The last pair took me 2.5 months, so this will be quite a challenge. My size-13 footed boyfriend has the gall to want more socks. He's been quite tolerant of the whole knitting obsession so far; I guess it's the least I can do.

Wow, I can't believe I'm actually writing to you, a real knitting celebrity. I promise not to stalk you or anything. Thank you for sharing your wooly experience!

Do you thing all my references to being creepy may have made me seem even creepier? I didn't want to seem overly giggly or fawn over her or anything... OMG, I wrote to the Yarn Harlot!!!

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