Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Nuts To You!

I didn't go to school this morning. I didn't answer when work called. I have not knit a stitch today (not entirely my idea).

Nuts to you all, I'm taking a day off.

I woke up at the chilly, ungodly hour of 5:30 and thought "I'm cold. I need to work on my sweater." I was tired, crabby, cold, and hadn't had a not-running-around day in weeks. So I did not get up for school. I spent time with Boy. I went grocery shopping. I took a nap and baked banana bread. I am a happy camper.

The only bummer today has been the total lack on knitting. My hand was really bothering me this morning, so I decided to take my no-knitting day today instead of waiting for tomorrow. I knew my hand was going to give out eventually...

No, really? You're knitting a sweater, a kitty, and a gigantic sock almost non-stop lately; the only time you're not knitting is when you're at work typing like a loon. You stopped going to physical therapy. I'm surprised you can do anything with that useless left limb.

Nuts to you, Logic. I'm taking a day off, go be insightful somewhere else.

So, instead of knitting on my day off, I am planning a new project: the Winter Star Hat and Mitten Set. It will hopefully use up the 3 skeins of variegated blue/white acrylic and some pretty star-shaped beads I have left over from another hat last year. The entire haul was given to me by Boy's grandmother with many other skeins of acrylic that is now taking up 2 shelves of the bookshelf we picked up at Ikea. I found a pretty cool way to store them so that I can test color patterns: They have strips of cardboard between the skeins so all the little ends stick out. I will have to change this system once I convert to wool (dirty moths), but it's really working for me now.

I'm going to finish my dinner and hang out with my Boy. It's my day off.

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Whit said...

I saw that you were knitting (large!) socks for the Knitting Olympics.

I'd love it if you'd come join my Olympic Team - Team DPN!!