Sunday, January 22, 2006

About the Roommates

Just got back from watching Napoleon Dynamite with the Roommates. They have the cutest dog in the whole world. Well, I am assuming Winston, the furry blur, is a dog. In any case, a doggie sweater is definitely in order; that apartment is cold! Jessie also wants a cat, so she'll be getting this for her birthday (two days after mine, yipee!). Baby Ava will also get one, as long as I don't get sidetracked by another possible gift.

I told Jen (Roomate 1) that I put the pattern for her headband on the blog. I told her it was called the Roommate Headband. I may have upset her, so I think I need to tell the Roommates (and the world apparently) why they are the Roommates:

Jen and Jessie started at my work last year, and they are the cutest couple ever. Like, I hear the song from Cinderella when she and Prince Charming are dancing cute. So when they said they were roommates, I thought "yeah, right. Roommates." So, this is what I started referring to them as when I would talk to Adam about them. It kinda stuck.

There is another reason, though I really really REALLY don't want to go into it right now. Suffice it to say that two people with the same first names made me terribly unhappy. There was a time not too long ago when Jessica and Jennifer were curse words in my presence, doubly so when put together. So, instead of saying "Jennifer and Jessica" or some derivitive thereof, I just call them the Roommates. Since I haven't really passed out the address of my blog, I'll have to tell them in person. I hope this gets me out of trouble, we're supposed to go to the Getty on Thursday after I get out of class.

As this is the un-knittingest blog entry ever (I did get a few more inches on Boy's toe-up socks), here's a gift:

I found a picture of me! This was taken on my last trip to see my grandparents during my one and only surfing lesson, and the only picture where I'm not holding my nose and falling in. I have no balance, but I will try surfing again. I have this idea that if I learn to surf I will suddenly get in shape and be cool and not be fat and pasty... Eh, weirder things have happened.

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