Thursday, June 17, 2010

How To Ruin A Diet: Now With Links!

This fiber/book/needle/everything diet is actually going pretty well. I traded some sock yarn I was probably never going to get to for some new books on Ravelry, sold some books on Amazon and gave away a few on Freecycle, so we're going in the right direction.

So, here is a short list of folks trying to sabotage my good intentions:

Interweave's Hurt Book Sale: 50-75% off of books with slight cosmetic defects (and who doesn't have slight cosmetic defects?). Ends June 22nd. I could really use the Compendium of Finishing Techniques, sigh.

Knitpicks' Inventory Clearance: Save up to 25% on overstock and discontinued colors. Discontinued colors people!

The Dizzy Sheep: This neat shop sells one yarn/fiber a day at a pretty nice discount. During Memorial Day weekend they did a spin-off, where as soon as one thing sells out another takes its place. I thought I was going to faint from the strain.

Three is probably enough for the day. Now, go forth and buy this stuff so I can't. Thank you.