Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dishcloth Mania

Hopefully everyone knows that I have a lovely little Etsy shop: Knitting Wounded Yarns, that sells re/upcycled yarns rescued from sweaters that have seen better days. Everyone also probably knows that no one wants to buy a bunch of recycled cotton when you can get a ball of new for a buck. Next time, could someone tell me please?

So, long story short, I have a huge Ikea bag full of cotton that I can't sell and can't bear to throw away after investing so much time in taking it apart. What to do?

First: Magic Yarn Balls!

These are not just any poorly hand-wound balls of yarn. Layered inside are little treasures that follow a theme, like Kitty Lover or Foodie. They were a lot of fun to put together, but then what?

How about dishcloths?

I traded some sock yarn for the first Mason Dixon book, and was inspired to knit up a few of these stupid-easy cloths.

Okay, now what? How about I design a few of my own dishcloths? Say "hello" to Knitting Wounded Designs on Ravelry.

I cannot tell you how much I am loving Intwined Studio right now. It makes it so easy to translate your ideas into a workable pattern, and if I sell 40 more patterns (at $1 a pop) it will have paid for itself, a very reasonable investment.

Of course, I have some free patterns in the shop as well. I want to rewrite the Spaced Chocolate Beanie and Dizzabelle Scarf in Intwined, but the first versions are in there. I cannot seem to bring myself to ask for money when basing a pattern on someone else's concept, so here's the newest freebie, special for my fellow Firefly/Serenity fans:

Next on the design roster, bullet hole socks.