Friday, June 04, 2010

Dieting Pains

Ever get to the point in stash culmination when it starts to hurt a little? Not like a physical pain (unless you try to pick it all up at once or something), more like the emotional burden of far too much unrealized potential weighing you down.

Oh yeah, I'm totally there. Not only are my two yarn storage receptacles overflowing, but there are also two large knitting bags floating around full to the brim. I did a quick inventory one night and discovered that I have over 40,000 yards of yarn in my stash. This is not counting partial skeins or scraps or the boxes and boxes of yarn and sweaters I use for the shop.

The worst part? I keep finding more! I'm afraid that if I bring one more skein into the house the foundation will buckle and we'll end up falling into the creepy hobo basement apartment that hasn't seen the light of day in years and years. If there's an earthquake there is a real danger of us smothering to death. I can almost hear the wingbeats of millions of Hercules Emperor Moths (Coscinocera hercules) making a special trip from northern Australia to come devour this Vegas-style buffet.

A severe diet is apparently in order, and I have decided to go big or go home on this one. For the rest of the year I will be knitting exclusively from my stash. Doesn't sound too big, huh. Okay, how about, for the rest of the year I will be knitting with yarn, needles, and books exclusively from my stash. That's right folks. No new yarn, books, or needles are coming into this house. If I really need something I need to either dye it or trade for it. The Husboy has stated that new magazines are fine, but their number has also been steadily multiplying and is making me uneasy. The only exception is my Etsy shop; I will of course be maintaining and growing my inventory and may buy from myself if needed (technically no new yarn coming into the house, right?).

The prize at the end of the trail? Less guilt, more room, and, oh yeah. I will be coming home from Stitches next year with either a spinning wheel or a proper loom, my choice. I like it because it will be earned, the Husboy likes it because I'll finally shut up about it for a bit.

Anyone want to trade some needles for an unused copy of Kaffe Knits Again?

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