Friday, June 11, 2010

Blame It On The Yenta

Okay, so I'm sitting on the couch, whining about how much my boobs hurt and pretty much minding my own business when the Yarn Yenta busts up my craft diet. Now, before we all start calling her filthy names and throwing shoes in her general direction, let me explain. The Yarn Yenta, also known as the fabulously talented Heatherly, is one of my favorite people in the world. Not only is she wicked talented and smart and funny, she is also one of the very few absolutely genuine people it has been my pleasure to meet.

She's even photogenic! Heatherly at Stitches West 2010.

Anyone who has been around me for very long usually figures out that I'm not really religious, meaning that I've tried a few out and have decided that the Universe is entirely too smart for me to figure out, so I'm going to wing it. This puts me in the awkward position of having to explain myself to anyone who is religious, then having to explain to them that I like myself that way and yes, I know I'm going to burn in the Lake of Fire for all eternity, but thanks anyway.

Heatherly is what I consider a true believer. She is deeply committed to her beliefs, so much so that she actually lives by their teachings instead of pushing those beliefs in your face to prove something. This not only makes it enjoyable to be around her, it makes her a completely and utterly delightful person. In other words, she is so perfect that she can pull it off without making you hate her for being perfect. Heatherly is who I would want to be if I wasn't completely happy with being myself.

Okay, back to my falling down. I swear, I wasn't even on Ravelry. I was on Facebook for cripes sake, letting it suck some time when Heatherly does an update congratulating someone else for winning the Sock Madness 4 competition and includes a picture of her own submission.

It is called Cool Beans people. I say, "Cool Beans", all the time. Really, ALL THE TIME. I have people who work with me all over the country saying it now. And it is really gorgeous colorwork and I had popped onto Ravelry and bought it before I could even think about it. I can't kick myself too hard for it; I have the perfect yarn already wound up and ready to go.

Do me a favor, go onto the Yarn Yenta website or her Ravelry page and buy it too so I don't feel so silly?


PICAdrienne said...

Wait a minute, didn't you say no yarn, needles, or books, and magazines are up for debate? You bought a pattern to use up stash yarn, right?

Of course, you can assuage your guilt by giving away a pattern, or magazine to a knitting friend, and then you will be even.

And, any coffee drinker needs those socks. It really is a must. Oh, and weren't you supporting a friend?

Heatherly said...

you are crazy! but i love you beyond belief!

bubbebobbie said...

And I thought I was her biggest fan....
bubbebobbie ( her mama)

harry Fa said...

wow so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!


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