Wednesday, December 16, 2009

CrafTea & Coffee Too

This semester I took marketing communications and small business entrepreneurship at LBCC. One of the best things about taking these classes at once is that I needed to build a dummy company for the small business class and I needed to build a dummy advertising campaign for the marketing class, so a lot of my research was utilized twice. Holy efficient use of time and energy, Batman!

The company I set up (academically, not IRL) was called CrafTea & Coffee Too, a crafting studio with an indie cafe attached to it. Think of a place where you can get a great cup of coffee, a cranberry-oatmeal cookie, AND try out spinning wheels or take a scrapbooking class. Yeah, I got a little warm and fuzzy too.

I wanted to share the ads that I made up for the campaign. I stole fairly used for academic purposes without permission all of the images in the ads (remember, the store doesn't really exist) and will give credit where I am able:

Picture Copyright 2008 Stephanie Pearl-McPhee:

Here's where it gets tricky; I snagged a lot of these images from Google image search and did not think enough to keep track of the original sources. I know at least the star candles are from Better Homes and Gardens:

Same thing here. I am ashamed of my academic malfeasance, so if you can identify any of these images please let me know so I can correctly identify the source.

Next time, the best color wheel ever.

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