Tuesday, February 03, 2009

It's A Good Life

It has been brought to my attention (repeatedly) that it has been a while since I've blogged. I can only say that the wonder-fullness of my life lately has been to blame, but when I start getting "reminded" by people "irl", it's time to get to bloggin'.

I started work about three weeks ago, and I am actually having a wonderful time. The people I work with have been very nice overall, the hours are good, and the dude who does the scheduling has only had me working 3-4 days in a row, so I get to recuperate. Now, are there days I'd rather be sitting in bed watching trash television and knitting? Hells yeah. Then I remember that I have hair now, and with great hair comes great responsibility, so I put on my stockings and a nice shirt and go out into the world.

I was in a bit of a sock-knitting funk for a while, but now that I am once again working a job that creates no tangible product I am once again knitting socks.

The Husboy wanted cables, so my baby gets cables. I haven't done top-down socks for a while, but this is turning out to be loads of fun. I may put out the pattern if there's any interest.

I also started a sweater for myself, the B-Side Cardigan out of Curry Telemark I picked up a while back while it was on clearance.

I knit and washed a gauge swatch (gasp) and could not get the 6sts/inch gauge the pattern calls for without going to US1 needles. Yuck, no. So I'm knitting with US3's at 5sts/inch, did some math, and viola!, I am following the directions for a smaller sweater and will get one that fits me. Bonus: fewer stitches=less work. I will need a longer Addi Turbo to whip this bad boy out, but I can probably pick that up in Pasadena when we go check out a culinary school for the HusBoy.

And although I feel terrible about it (and have been called filthy names besides), I will be missing the annual Knitting Wounded and Bob's Lame Life dual-birthday shindig this year. I normally wouldn't miss this event for the world, but apparently Stitches West is even better than the world. So, if any of you will also be in Santa Clara that weekend, don't forget to say hey. I'll be the one with short, curly hair and a Happy Birthday pin from Disneyland. I wonder if they'll write "Knitting Wounded" on there for me?


Aunt Kathy said...

Oh it's wonderful to hear all this good news. I am just overflowing with happiness for you.

trek said...


On all counts.

And I like the sock - looks like you have the cables placed just so that they can travel down the foot.

Catherine Kerth said...

i love the socks!!!!! the cables look great, like they are instantly blocked! can't wait to see the cardi's progression. tell me what you think of that yarn, will ya?

valéria said...

Ah...there she is :o)
what some knocking can do ;o)
ps...go to my blog there's something you may copy :o)