Monday, January 05, 2009

Things I Have Learned So Far

I know that 2009 is young yet, but it's never too early to learn something:

1) There are Knitters everywhere. I went to a New Year's party at the girls' house (finally "legally" married, yahoo!) and met someone wearing socks in a pattern and yarn I had used, though not in conjunction. Of course, I wore store-bought socks and was not nearly as impressive (lesson: always wear your best socks to parties). The best part? The Husboy recognized Reptilian Lace socks without the beads. Despite his gigantic feet, he's a keeper.

2) Semantics matter. According to the insurance company, I was as good as cured as soon as the ball dropped New Year's Eve. Although nothing really changed at that moment, I have been feeling much better. I've even been busting my rear on the skates I received for Hanukkah. Sorry, no pictures. I am so glad I asked for a week of vacation to enjoy my newly declared wellness.

3) Stinker spelled backwards is Reknits. Sometimes having a nerdy husband works out.


kadezmom said...

Whooo hoooooo!!!! I, too, have been finding more knitters in public lately. YIPPEE!!!!! On the newly found heath, and he really is a keeper

Aunt Kathy said...

stinker is reknits that's funny.

I am not surprised you feel better, our mind is a powerful tool.

Heatherly said...

left you a voice mail:0)
stitches? you? me?

we have a date ya know :0)

love ya!

valéria said...

knock knock...who's there?? It's who?? me who wanna know how you are :o)