Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Catch Up

I wish I had new batteries for the camera just now; the house is dripping in freshly-washed skeins of yarn. I know that I've neglected the blog again and am ashamed, but if you saw all the work I did between power-naps I think you would forgive me. Since there is so much to tell, I am resorting to a bullet post:

  • Thank You's: I won Trek's Box Top-palooza and, in addition to helping out the Neatnik's school, I used my prize of $25 at Amazon to pick up Franklin Habit's new book and the Red and Blue Fairy Books. I would also like to thank the Yarn Yenta for sending me the pattern for Hansigurumi's Cuttle Fish. I love everyone who is so nice to me when I'm feeling so "oh poor me".
  • Knit Night: I went to Knit Night last week (and will be going tomorrow night, barring disaster of course). I had an absolutely splendid time and had everyone rub my head. One of my fellow knitters said my new baby hair felt like cashmere! If anyone wants to make my day, all they have to do is compliment my new 'do.
  • Secret Pal 12: The final box for my pal went out yesterday, we're hoping it gets there before the hurricane does; think "tropical depression" real hard for her, please?
  • Knitting Progress: I have been working half-heartedly on the socks for my dad and the pillow for my dad and his blushing bride. I really want to start work on a sweater for myself, but the wedding is coming up at the end of September and I really need to get hopping. I'll be taking the pillow with me to knit night tomorrow to try to get through the endless seed stitch.
  • Skin: I and my little burn are doing much better. All the broken skin is healed up and the bit of dead skin is gradually clearing up. I have two more weeks starting Monday; thank goodness they are upgrading the machine and I get this little break.
  • Pimping: Check out my friend's comic site: http://bobslamelife.blogspot.com/. She is hysterical and you don't want her soul to be swallowed by corporate America, do you?

There's more stuff, but I really can't remember any of it right now. I will try to come back later this week with fresh batteries in the camera and show you some of the new wool.


valeria said...

Glad to read from you again :o) and also glad you're doing so fine and well a few breaks now and then are just what you need? :o)

Take care and big hugs.
Valeria :o)

Aunt Kathy said...

hey get those batteries, I am hoping to see those new colors

trek said...