Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Cottage Industry

Bad news today: apparently I am so over-cooked from the radiation treatments that my skin is going all gross and gooey. The nurses wanted to give me a break from treatment to heal, but the doctor overruled and I will be going back for more zapping tomorrow. Of course, if I still hurt this bad I will ask for Friday off. In the meantime, I have been ordered to go shirtless as much as possible to let the ucky-gooey dry up and heal, so no knit night tonight, again...

Work on the shop is going slowly but surely. Recycled yarns undoubtedly require less financial output to build inventory than if one were starting with commercial yarns, but there is a lot of processing involved. The Husboy quipped that I am really unknitting the sweaters, first taking out the seams, unravelling the sweater into balls, then creating skeins from the balls. What can I say, the man pays attention.

As promised a while back, here is a sample of what will be in the shop in a few months:

Purple Nerple: lavender dk weight, 70% lambswool, 20% angora, 10% nylon, approx 75 grams

It is obviously not washed yet; I'm trying to get a lot of skeins ready to wash-n-weigh so I can use someone else's backyard for the inaugural scrub. The issue I am grappling with is, how do I price my yarn so that you (the yarn-purchasing public) want to buy them, but also be fair to myself and the amount of time I've invested in each little ball of yarn?

My energy levels are slowly improving as well, and I try to cook dinner at least every other night. To make up for my sporadic house-wifery, I try to make really special meals when I feel up to cooking.

Cardamon Chicken Thighs with Chickpeas, from The Best Recipes In The World by Mark Bittman

I bought this book for the HusBoy a few years back, but I have found it an indispensable source for spectacular looking and tasting dishes that really aren't as difficult as they look. They are a bit like socks in that way. I can highly recommend the devilled pork chops and vanilla souffle.


Aunt Kathy said...

Oh man I am sorry about the skin issues. But I suppose the benefits will eventually out weigh these temporary setbacks.

I am not a very good housewife these days either, and I really don't have any excuses.

Anonymous said...

uck. Sorry about the fried-ness. I got my first one today. Have 7 weeks coming up so I'm pretty sure we can have a peeling party. Woo.

Valeria said...

Oh I'm sorry becka for the fried breast. I think it's painfull if you can't even wear the t-shirts?? Is there something soothing you can do??? Something with camomille???

Good for you that you cook and take care :o)

Anonymous said...

just wanted to let you know that i'm thinking about you!
~your secret pal

valeria said...

Hi becka, how are you doing??? Did the skin get worse?? Or is it better now? I so hope so.
Just wanting an update as I click every day on your blog to see how you are and hoping you're fine and have a new blog post :o)

Take care

Heatherly said...

i love chickpea curry!