Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Becka & The Bee

I was powering through the last few inches of my Becka Vogs sock and watching garbage television (COPS is amazing in digital) when I heard this buzzing noise. I thought it might be the hunk of new electronic hooey that makes it possible for the weather guy's previously unseen wrinkles to freak me out, but I powered down and the buzz went on.

I crept over to the window and found a bee (big surprise). A bee in distress, which made it a Bee. The fact that I have a nasty bee allergy then made it a BEE.

Not the BEE, picture swiped from Wikipedia

Thankfully, the BEE had the singular objective to get the hell out of my house, which mirrored my own desire. I tried opening the lower window over the upper pane in which the BEE was buzzing against, blocking the opening at the top and popping the screen open to give the BEE access to the outside world. It took some convincing to get the BEE to go down instead of up (note: yelling "go down stoopid bee" does not work), but in the end a bit of water was utilized to drive the now Bee down into the free area so that it could escape and continue its bee-existence.

Then I finished my sock:

I think I may just follow the pattern next time I knit these socks instead of imposing my short-row heel onto it. All in all a good fit, the pattern breaks up the colors nicely, and my first picot edge, yippee!


valéria said...

Really pretty sock and well done at your picot edge ;o)
I'm lucky I'm not allergic to bees and won't mind them in my home I'm more of freaked out over wasps they anoy me to bits.

Take care :)

trek said...

Glad you got rid of the BEE!

Nice sock.

kadezmom said...

OMG........I'm still laughing about cops in digital....you DO realize that this means I'm going to search for cops to dvr in hd, right?