Saturday, April 26, 2008

Fun Summer Boobs

I made the decision long ago to work every summer. It keeps me in corporate-sponsored air-conditioning and away from your children (both very good things, trust me). This also keeps me close to the radio, and last year one of the featured commercials was for a breast augmentation service. Imagine a youthful, perhaps slightly intoxicated, female voice asking you to consider costly and possibly dangerous surgery:

"Really think about it, how would your life change with fun, new summer breasts?"

We made fun of this commercial well into the winter, and as swimsuit season (yeah, y'all heard me) approaches faster than we'd all like, the question of new boobs comes to mind again. I'm going to end up with at least one new breast anyway. Don't I want a fun, new summer breast?

And really, what's more fun than rhinestone nipples?

Tit Bits (C & D, respectively). ArtFibers Kyoto #30 & #44, little pink and rhinestone buttons from Etsy.

I am going to keep the C and donate the D. I could (and may just) sing the praises of Kyoto from the rooftops, but it may be a little warm and fuzzy for my everyday titty. So I went on Ravelry and asked someone to trade me some Rowan Calmer for some sock yarn so I'd have a few more utilitarian boobs. Wouldn't you know it, the
wonderful woman just sent it to me?

Tit Bits (C). Rowan Calmer #474 Khaki.

I am time and time again flabbergasted by the generosity of all the fabulous people I've met since joining this online knitting community... I can only hope that I'm that person for someone else.

I have lots to talk about, but I'm trying to avoid the tell-you-everything-at-once-and-have-no-personality posting, so I'm going to go nap some more. I'm also trying to use some of these pictures that are lying around in my camera:

The Reptilian Lace Sock and I waiting in line for Astro Blasters at Disneyland before my ick-ening. I am trying to decide which I miss more: being able to go out for a day of fun or being able to knit lace while mildly distracted...


Heatherly said...

how sweet that she sent it to you. i have a supersoft chenille and a yummy malbrigo one going. they may not get finished very soon....but...
you get your socks though this week :0)

fluffybunnylover said...

I totally love the rhinestones! Let 'em shine!!!

KnelleyBelley said...

Your fun summer boobs are awesome!