Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Cool Knitting Stuff Wednesdays - Headlights

No, not those kind of headlights, perverts (geez, what is up with everyone's obsession with boobs lately?).

This kind of headlight. Coincidently, this is also the first evidence of my pre-fallout haircut. According to the time-table for one of the treatments I'm on, it will all fall out the day after my birthday. Cheers!

Anyway, back to the cool knitting thingy of the week. I live in a studio apartment (read: one multipurpose room, a bathroom, and a kitchen). This is usually an issue for an insommniac knitter/reader that lives with someone who likes to sleep at night and becomes crabby if unable to do so, but having the proper equipment can allow one to stay up all night destroying body and psyche while causing minimal disturbance for the blissfully snoring beast curled up next to your hip. That equipment, my friends, is the headlight.

You can get this little gizmos damn near anywhere camping supplies are sold and of course online. I received my model for free after filling out a bunch of online surveys, but this one on Amazon looks to be simular if not exactly the same for under four bucks. Of course, I must suggest that you try on the one you're thinking of if at all possible. My model was really tight on my head when I had all my hair and still digs into my forehead a bit. Features to look for would be adjustable head-straps (so you can be comfy), light angle (so you can point it up, down, or wherever you need it), and light level (so you can either have just enough light for yourself or illuminate the room, depending on the decibel level of the snores). Prices range from about $2 to $100 and up according to the quality and features available.

In other news, I start chemotherapy in the morning (yay!) and may not feel up to blogging (or I may drive you all nuts posting, ya never know). The chemo room actually has Wi-Fi, but I think I'll either work on the Jaywalkers, my little hat, or just sleep during treatment. Have a great day!

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errs said...

Interesting little gizmo. I got a book light to clamp onto patterns so I could knit it the car and check if I thought I messed up. Luckily, that's the only time I need it -- The Husband sleeps like a rock and it takes a major amount of noise to wake him up. Good luck tomorrow -- my co-worker who went through chemo said that the day of was kinda sucky, but the next day really sucked. Have you researched wigs yet? Perhaps something in a nice blonde or redhead for a change?