Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Last of the 2007 Yarn

I had the great joy of being able to come home in the middle of the week (meeting in the home office), and the triple-joy of coming home to my Husboy, my Stinker, and lovely packages.

Brown Sheep Wildfoote Luxury Sock
Colorway SY-02 / Dye lot 006

Trek was kind enough to trade me some of her sock yarn for some of my knitting-related goodies. I'm thinking these might be good for a pair of male relative socks, probably my dad.

Rowan RYC Soft Tweed
Colorway Slate Blue / Dye lot 616009

My last true order of 2007 consisted of enough Webs clearance yarn to make my very own Cherie Amour. I'm honestly not so sure now; I opened the box and said, "Did I order this?" I know I'm not the only knitter that has suffered from Buyer's Amnesia, but it's the first time it has hit me. Unless, of course, it HAS happened before and I forgot. Anyone wanting to scour the blog for signs of incoming senility, be my guest. I'm also reconsidering whether or not the finished product will actually look good on me; my bum is a bit bigger than the rest of me.

The third order, current crown jewel of the Stash Empire, is, of course, Becka...

Ruby Sapphire Sock Yarns Luster Sock Yarn
Colorway Becka
This yarn is even more squee-worthy in person; my shriek frightened poor Stinker into a four-foot leap.
I cannot praise Ruby Sapphire Yarns enough. I originally contacted them to get the Becca colorway from a few years ago. It was not my favorite colors, but it did have my name on it. Lauri asked if I'd rather have my own, customized Becka colorway instead. After a lot of "no way" and a lot of thinking, I asked for two skeins with peacock blues and greens with burgundy thrown in for fun, on either Sapphire or Luster yarn, whatever they thought best. There was a lot of communication and they were enthusiastic about the order; Lauri even said that it sounded fun.
When the dying was completed, there were 4 skeins dyed and ready for me to pick out. I honestly wanted to snatch up the whole batch, but showed restraint and only picked up the two skeins of Luster (one for me, one for you). I opened up the envelope, squealed over the two skeins of Becka, then realized there was something still in the package:

Ruby Sapphire Sock Yarns Sapphire Sock Yarn
Colorway Becka
Hi Becka -
It just didn't seem right for anyone but you to have the other "Becka's", so please enjoy them with our compliments! Enjoy your yarn!
Thank you for your custom order -
That being said, whoever wins the What Will You Do To Your Becka? contest will now have a choice of Tencel or Nylon with their woolen goodness, but I'm still only giving out one, because two of these skeins are presents, and I want to hoard them madly.
Of course, if you just can't wait, I hear that they do custom orders...


trek said...

Hope he likes them!

errs said...

The colors are fabulous! How lucky to get an extra. I'm having a no creativity moment - probably because I'm working so much. How lucky for you to get home midweek!