Friday, January 18, 2008

It Ain't Enough

If there is one thing I can point to as the cause of my little bit of success in this world, it would be that enthusiasm can get you pretty damn far. I should have flunked typing in high school, but I (barely) passed because I tried really hard. I made the softball team in high school because I was excited and, once again, tried really hard. I faked my way through my first few jobs by smiling and saying, "Sure, I can do that," then turning around and muttering, "Great, how the hell do I do this?"

Now, some may say that this is incompetence more than enthusiasm, but I would not have learnt as much as I have if I didn't want to do it. If I didn't take an interest in what I'm doing and doing it better, I'd still be making the Red Heart scarves for my now-ex that made him "itchy and bitchy" instead of making fabulous beaded lace socks that aren't itchy at all.

But, enthusiasm will not get you everywhere. No matter how much you want to move 1200 miles away and try something brand-new, no matter how successful you know you will be, no matter how enthusiastic you are, if you say, "I have no idea what you're talking about" to half of your interview questions, you're fuct.

I'm going to go eat chocolate now.


errs said...

Oh no sweetie! Hugs going your way. And who knows, maybe they appreciated your honesty.

spinnergirl said...

Hey I always say, 'nod and smile, then people will think you know what they are talking about and you can go figure it out,' its gotten me to where I am too. Enthusiasm is the trick to getting everywhere.

trek said...

Just remember: the other people interviewing probably feel the same way you do right now but with more cause.